Industries Serviced

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Infant Foods
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Dairy
  • Personal Care
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Organic
  • Weight Management


  • City of Greater Dandenong Food Premises
  • Dairy Food Safe Victoria
  • AQIS
  • Australian Certified Organic *
  • Kosher *
  • Halal *

*Product/Process Applicable

  Welcome to Hellay Australia

Hellay Australia is a contract food manufacturer & raw material distributor that has operated out of Melbourne Australia since 1991. Specializing in dry powders, Hellay is able to uniquely offer a variety of products and services which include:

  • Vitamin & Functional Ingredients
  • Vitamin/Mineral Premixes
  • Powder Blending
  • Food Grade Tabletting
  • Powder/Tablet Packaging
  • Shelf Ready Products
  • Product Distribution

Hellay currently partners with many of Australia’s leading players in the Food & Beverage Industry. Our products, either in raw material, intermediate or finished product forms, are found in many of the countries leading brands.

  Why Hellay Australia?

Our motto ‘Your success is ours’ reflects our team oriented efforts to assist in making any opportunity mutually beneficial for both Hellay and our partners. It also refers to our desire to work in conjunction with our partners systems/operations, to create a smooth extension of their methods whilst building a dynamic supplier-customer relationship founded on ‘give and take’, trust and reliability.

Hellay prides itself on providing excellent customer service through its tightly structured team of passionate employees, but also has the operational capacity, flexibility & resources to handle large scale projects.

Our goal is to make our clients 100% comfortable that Hellay Australia is the right fit to partner their business. We are acutely aware that our clients products and brands are the most important asset they possess, treating them like we would as if they were our own.