Hellay Australia is proud to partner with Golden Fields Nutrition Australia in the production of contract infant cereals and other nutritional products.


Pregelatinized Flours – Flavoured or Unflavoured

Pregelatinized flours are highly functional ingredients that offer benefits such as improved texture, increased viscosity, and enhanced shelf life in food products. They are used in food manufacturing to improve product stability, aid in processing, and create products with desirable sensory attributes. We can custom blend grains to your requirements!

Bulk Powders & Flakes

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to produce high-quality drum-dried ingredients such as powders and flakes, using a high-heat, slow-drying process that delivers unique functional benefits. Ask us about our new fruit and vegetable flakes and powders.

Drum-Dried Milk Powders

Drum-dried specialty milk powders are used in various food applications, including bakery, dairy, and confectionary products. They are used in food manufacturing to create products with desirable texture, functional characteristics, and sensory attributes.

Milk Crumb

Milk crumb is an ingredient made from toasted milk powder and sugar, that has a unique crunchy texture and a rich, toasted caramel flavour that adds depth and complexity to a variety of applications, including baked goods, ice cream, and confectionary products.